Sunday, 15 March 2015

How do you see you?

I absolutely love this video. I saw it years ago, but I always remember it and it makes me giggle how confident she is and the things she's saying are so simple but they are what make her feel good! Her pyjamas, her room, her mum and dad, and did you hear the bit where she said she likes her hair?

As we grow up, being confident in who we are can often be mistaken with cockiness, so instead of looking for a balance we just retreat altogether and stop encouraging ourselves and stop thinking of the things we like about the way we look and the way we are. Soon enough, that space where encouragement should be gets filled with adverts that tell you what makeup you need, music videos that tell you what body you should have, films that tell you what your relationship must be like, and people that will be quick to point out all of your flaws.

As we grow up, often we forget how to encourage each other, but most importantly, how to encourage ourselves.

I know I spend a lot of time dwelling on all the things I want to change about myself. I wish I was more patient, I wish my cheeks weren't so chubby, I wish I was more selfless, I wish my eyes were bigger, I wish I was more calm...

But why do I wish all that stuff?

Because someone, or something has told me that they are all the things I lack. But what about all the things that I am? What about the things that I am good at?

At work recently I had my appraisal which is basically a time to reflect with my manager on what I've done well in the past six months and what I want to improve on going forward. I really struggled to write good things about myself. I felt like I would be "blowing my own trumpet" if I was to write everything I thought I did well, but writing improvements...that bit was easy!

We need to learn how to encourage ourselves. Take criticism on board, sure. But don't get stuck in a pit of self-assassination!

The bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), you are radiant (Psalm 34:5), you are created for good works (Ephesians 2:10), you are perfect (Matthew 5:48), you have purpose (Proverbs 16:4) and so so soooooo much more!

If our creator can say that stuff about us, why do we have so much trouble believing it, yet we can be so quick to believe all the negative things!?

We will make a lot of mistakes, but we will also do a lot of amazing and incredible things during our time here on Earth. Your life is what, 85 years? Maybe more maybe less? Why spend it with a microscope on every bit of yourself that you don't like, when you could spend it dancing around in front of a mirror telling yourself all of the things you do like!

When you are able to encourage yourself, you'll start to find it easier to encourage others. Maybe then we'll start a new cycle of encouragement in place of the old model of competition, envy and demoralisation.

Here goes:
I like my house, I like my bed, I like my dog, I like my clothes, I like my hair, I like my freckles, I like my family, I like my friends, I like my job, I like my blog! ;)


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